Jason’s UFC Debut Victory!

Summer 2014 – Motor Bike Jouney to Peggy’s Cove & Cabot Trail

Fall Forward

Life here on Prince Edward Island could not be any better.  We are coming up to the two year mark and it’s finally feeling like home. It took a good year and a… Continue reading

Christmas in PEI

My first Christmas in PEI was so memorable. I’m finding it very hard to take my tree down. For the first time, I’m yearning for the holiday season to continue. Usually, I have… Continue reading

This Crazy Thing Called Life

It’s such a new and fresh feeling when things seem so right… I feel protective over my life. I feel an excitement that I have never felt before… a giddiness through out my… Continue reading

Sunny Sunday

Feels good to have a home so close to the ocean here on Prince Edward Island.  The weather had just started to warm up,  the breeze is still a bit chilly, but sun… Continue reading


Prince Edward Island – Here I Come!!

“Changes – An East Coast Journey” – has turned into East Coast Residency! Since our trip out to Prince Edward Island last summer, we haven’t been able to stop loving it.. We talk… Continue reading

Life Begins…

So very true…. 🙂

Be Your Bravest Self Today

Be brave today!! The smallest step can make all the difference..   Happy Thursday Everyone 🙂

Be Love

I love the wonderful person I am and still becoming… I love the wise words that motivate me and lift me higher…I love my niece Mia..little bundle of love so pure..And the love… Continue reading

Morning “Snow Day”

One if my favorite things to do in the morning is watch the birds eat their breaky… Today is the 2ND “snow day” here in york region, Ontario Canada and kids and those… Continue reading

Men are From Mars!

Men can certainly be hard to understand at times. I recommend this book “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus” for those who want to understand the opposite sex better. Happy Reading!!!!

I Love Saturdays

This weekend was so much fun! After having a massive snow storm hit, my best friend and I decided to make the best of it and do everything cozy, creative and fun! From… Continue reading

Beautiful White Powder !

There’s nothing like winter cottaging! As much as I love the warm weather, warm breezes, toes in the sand and feet hanging off the dock – I ALMOST, just ALMOST might say that… Continue reading

Cozy Day-off Paint Session!


Watch This Video and All Your Dreams Will Come True!!

The Power of Dream Slide Shows   Several months ago I collected a bunch of images that inspired me.. I pulled them from Google’s collection, and also my own. I chose photos which… Continue reading

How to Get Over Fear

Fear. A small four letter word that carries with it such enormous undertow, such great power capable of crippling even the strongest of characters. Although fear is a practical response to dangerous situations,… Continue reading

So much Love!!

        The first time we kissed  a new world opened up and my life changed forever. I’ll Love You Forever.

Changes – An East Coast Journey

Shame on I for neglecting my WordPress Blog! It’s one of those things that’s often in the back of my mind…whenever I learn something new, or experience some new kind of beauty I… Continue reading

Cottage Livin’

My family’s obsession is ‘The Cottage’ – a little cabin in the woods where we escape to during the hot summer months (and now winter too!). Last weekend was absolute perfect weather, so… Continue reading

Letting Go

Letting go, moving forward and  resisting the temptation to look back…. What a full-blown challenge!!! However,  I see the act of letting go an  important action to practice over and over again in… Continue reading

An Afternoon Under the Sun

Today was a glorious day !!! I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon under the gorgeous shining Sun, with my Mama! We caught up on life and munched on some cool watermelon… Continue reading

Mother’s Day Letter

In honour of Mother’s Day this Sunday, I’ve decided to re-post this story I wrote for my Mother not too long ago. This is a story to my mom from little me that… Continue reading

Versatile and Liebster Award

I am happy to be typing that I’ve been nominated also for the Liebster and Versatile Blogger Award by: Darren Thank you Darren! Darren is a great writer and tree hugger! He shares… Continue reading

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you Whiteney for the nomination! Your seemingly professional writing, sense of adventure and love for yoga has been an inspiration to my own journey. Here you can learn 7 things about me!… Continue reading

Inspiring Blog Award

Thank-you, Thank-you, THANK-YOU Neeraj Kumar , for nominating me for the inspiring blog award! I appreciate your kindness and happy my blog has been an inspiration to you on your own blogging journey!… Continue reading

Put the Phone Down – Get to Know Yourself!

In such a fast paced world – between the oodles of ‘things to do’ on the average ‘human-bot”s list – keeping up-to-minute tabs on the Facebook world is high on the priority list… Continue reading

Mountains & Donkeys

A story of my happiest moment.Living out a dream. Making it happen. “Rraachel, you no eat this?” Nonno would ask me as my plate sat in front of me, with little crumbs of… Continue reading