Allow Me to Embrace My Keyboard….*swiftly folds hands together – cracks knuckles*

So, I decided since my last blog was a temporary experiment, that I’d start up a new spot in cyber-space for my thoughts to be released upon…So many times I`ve craved an outlet where I can express my thoughts, feelings that surprise me,  news or facts that enthrall me, or simply a yummy recipe I stumbled upon – anything , really!I have always been one to write in a journal – but over the years… my hand just cannot keep up with my thoughts. My typing speed is probably as fast as my train of thought – creating fluidity and ease when reading. Hand-written anything scares me –  before I`m finished writing a few words, my whole purpose slips my mind –   which in turn, results  in a very  incoherent piece of writing. Broken up and and darn rigid. Who needs pens anyways!
So here`s to technology! For allowing me to elaborately, coherently and with fluid ease – express myself in such modern fashion.

Let the typing, commence!

snoopy typing