Station B

Within the four walls of my room I feel supremely at ease.

As I watch out the back door – birds – playfully jumping from branch-to-branch – Audrey hangs by the door hypnotized by their every move – tail swishing intermittently.

On my skin fall the threads sewn by Momma this month. Every month I get new threads – these are by far the winning set.

I sit on the carpeted ground of my room, clasping my hands in my lap between my crossed legs. My head rests against my bed, and I close my eyes for a brief moment, feeling peace slowly creeping into my every cell. I reach for my bowl, and feed myself with the cold fork the bird once left for me. At least I think it was the bird…

Audrey acknowledges me with calm coo –  her eyes heavy.

It’s 2:22, which means it’s time for my training. Momma rings the heavy steal bell, and I get into position.

Like a dog, on all fours – my hands pressing into the carpet –  I wipe off the stones irritatingly sticking to my sweaty palms. My bones begin to crack, my muscles melt away then appear again –  different places, different form. My hair vanishes, nose protrudes, claws emerge.

The afternoon 2:22 rush takes hold of my physical being, as I tunnel into the whimsical journey to Station B. There Momma is waiting, basket on arm – she stands with authority but I feel darts of Love flowing from her cool blue eyes. She has always been like the caramels my father used to buy – tooth-breakingly hard on the outside, but soft and beautifully gooey on the inside.  She stands and greets me, my beautiful caramel Momma.

She hands me the bamboo woven basket. today it’s full of door knobs, handles,strings,locks,a small butterfly net,a mini screw driver, a sapphire pendent with my initials engraved within it’s shape, a mug with “I ❤ NY” on the side, used movie tickets, a jam jar full of washers, pumpkin seeds and a whistle.

She pats my head and smiles with such adoring pleasure and says “today is the day, my love” In the same way she always does before training.  I give her a toothy grin and heave the basket onto my back.

Before I know it Station B is nothing but a cloud of grey and Momma is retreating down the track .. ‘Let today be the day!’ I think to myself…I clench my claws creating long deep crevices in the dirt. I do this 10 times almost as a means of powering up – sharpening the mind – preparing for take-off………..