A Beautiful Soul Takes Flight


The day I met you – I stumbled in the door dropped my bag and timidly approached you – You were a mess of grey shades, your face with white smudges.   As soon as our eyes met, I knew we would be best friends – but didn’t know to which degree you would take hold of my heart.

      We named you Sox because of your four white paws, the ‘x’ was added for uniqueness. – ‘smudges’ was runner up – not as unique. From that day forward, you were the reason I got excited to wake up in the morning -you would be a big part of my school writings and drawings. For my First Communion I got a locket from Grandma and Grandpa – your picture went in there – I carved your name with hearts all over the house, under desks, on fences and walls. On your birthday we would buy you tuna cakes with a single candle and sing to you. I would dress you in little hats, read you stories and take you on wagon rides.

       Over the years my public show of affection began to dwindle, but the love in my heart never declined. There’s just something about teenagers and their fear of showing affection, and admitting that yes, they have a heart and feelings – it’s something you as a cat will never understand. But know, it had nothing to do with you.

      You lived almost 20 years – every minute, hour, day year you were your same old beautiful self. I may have changed a bit over the years – but I hoped you left us knowing you were loved immensely. You will forever reside in a little nook in my heart and within the gold plates of my locket.

Today Sox passed away. Before she passed, she took one last walk outside - where she loved the be the most.

A beautiful soul takes flight