Wishing I was able to set you free….

Wishing I was able to set you free…

I pray every night that one day things will be different – that eventually i’ll be able to let you rest.

You need rest.

Your eyes need nature,

your heart the blessings of family and friends,

and your body needs nutrition and sleep.

Tonight as I lay here……

I’m wishing, like always……

I was able to se you free. 

I have to admit.

When I pray I don’t know to whome, or to what I am speaking to.

I pray both in words, and in silence. The words  help me understand, not fully, we’ll never be able to understand fully, but more clearly- the silence comforts me – giving me time to just BE – allowing thing to unfold naturally.

Whatever I’m doing, call it prayer – call it meditation – positive or wishful thinking – i’m thinking of another human being, in need of love – hoping and believing that one day, he will be in a better place.