4 Steps Closer to Your True Self

1. Take a few minutes to let loose! Sing at the top of your lungs!  Scream out your frustrations! Cry out our sorrows! Do this will all your might – Whatever your emotion be that moment – let it out in it’s fullness, all of it, all at once – with ALL YOUR MIGHT! Enable the tears with a sad song, take a stroll down memory lane, pull up lyrics on your blackberry to the song playing. Make your self laugh, smile until your cheeks hurt – honestly, just go crazy!

Although just temporary ,this is reduce your stress 10 fold – and you’ll return to your life feeling an inner calmness that will allow you to be more of your true self.

You will This step requires you to be totally secluded – I’d say on a mountain top, but in this day and age I think a car will do. If you are spotted, people may think you’re a crazy person who’s just escaped the local hospital – but to heck with them -you aren’t doing any harm.

This is your ‘me’ time – Let loose! go wild! 🙂

Nothing like a frozen lake. Perfect for getting crazy!!

2. Picasso Mimasso – You do not have to be a talented artist to create magnificent  pieces of art. Head to the local dollar store and pick up a tray of water colors – pencil crayons, markers or pastels, and a decent sized pad of paper. Draw, paint , create! It doesn’t matter what it looks like, just express yourself – be your little self again – it can be chicken scratch, doodles – or you can pull up a ‘how to paint a …’ on YouTube or Google and try for a more complex design – Whatever you create – be proud of it! That’s your inner self coming out for all to see – that is beauty!

Just let your hand flow, create whatever comes to paper. A creation is a creation and is beautiful in the eye of the creator. Lucy is good company 🙂

3.  Go for a walk. Depending on where you live, you might not be able to walk within nature. If you’re able to, perfect! If not, the sky will always be your tent – allowing for very satisfying cloud therapy. Wherever you are in the world, try to shut the static of noise that constantly clouds the mind – all the worries aren’t welcome on this walk. This walk is for your to feel your aliveness – to breathe in the fresh air and be an observer of the world around you. Watch a puppy and owner stroll by, the unpredictable sway of tree branches, the fluffy clouds in the sky, look for flowers in a patch of grass – close your eyes and take in the sounds. Breathe. Remember, your worries are not welcome on this walk – if thoughts come in, simply shoo them away. Concentrate on your breathing.  It’s not easy to calm the mind, so if you cannot, don’t get frustrated – simply keep trying – soon it’ll become easier.

Take your soul for a walk - you'll be surprised how satisfied you'll feel afterwards.

4. You’re the sailor of your own ship. Accept full responsibility for your own life.   You need to understand that no-one has power over you – you are 100% capable of customizing your life the way you believe it should be.    You are in charge of your future – you are free to make your own decisions – you don’t need someone else to feel complete or to feel safe, you are your own person. Your parents aren’t to blame for how you feel you’ve turned out. You need to stand up and give yourself a shake. It’s time to take responsibility for your own life, and say “Today I will start living for myself -I will create the life I want to live – Everything that has happened to me in the past is in the past and is not invited in this moment..or any moment to come.”   We can literally, sit down and plan out our lives, like we’re planning a new home renovation – we create the steps, budget, time frame, and skills needed to get there. I think that is down right cool.

Main ingredients PERSEVERANCE and BELIEF.

A good attitude: A concoction of many attributes - Perseverance and belief being only two!