I am Rainbow-Bitten

Last night I got Rainbow-Bit.

There’s something about this tender heavenly treat that I just cannot get enough of. Actually, treat I wouldn’t call it . Treats are cold watermelon slices on a hot day, or a bowl of frozen yogurt after dinner. A treat is something you feel so lucky to be devouring…knowing this little delight will be gone in only a few short moments, remembering to savor every bite. A treat is not something that was made from a box – something that instructs to ‘just add milk!’ – this is no treat – this is plain wrong.

But, however wrong it may seem, I may just be angry at the fact that I’ve been Rainbow-Bitten! Bitten by this oh-so-unhealthy “treat”. It’s one of the few foods I cannot resist when tempted. What I am typing of is the ‘Rainbow bit’ cake mix by Duncan Hynes. I would consider myself very health conscious, and I am aware of the impacts certain foods will have on my body before it enters my mouth. So I am highly aware that these boxed cake mixes contain zero (more like NEGATIVE) nutritional benefits. If I were to live on a diet of rainbow bit….(thinking dreamy thoughts) I would turn into a unicorn jumping through rainbows in the sky… No, Rachel… get your head out of those clouds.
I know cake mixes are nothing but a box of bleached sugars and wheat, tons of additives that cause cancer, behavioral issues and hyperactivity in children. Did you know there’s an ingredient called Xanthan Gum? It’s used in the mix to enhance the texture and for thickening – it’s also used  in laxatives… so if you ever decide to stay in on a Friday night – bake a cake – and eat it all to yourself – you could be spending the remainder of that night on the toilet. ha!

I’ve been trying to find a cure for this bite – in other words..I’m trying to find some real dirt on this like it’s made from snake skin dust, or the colorful bits are made from storm bugs in Africa. Anything disgusting enough for me to to turn my back on this box in the supermarket. Disgusting enough to refuse a piece…pieces…the whole thing.

Would love to hear some real good dirt on these boxed cake mixes.. aside from the obvious…sugar – white, wheat – white, dextose, starches, dextrose………on and on.

-The Bitten

How can something so unappealing be so good! ? !