An Afternoon Surprise

A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet some relatives in Estonia. I always had this dream of traveling  to my grandparent’s home country, so it was a dream come true  when it finally happened. Memories were made that will never be forgotten – many captured in photos and video clips – but there is nothing like the feeling I get while beginning to relive the memories in the mind – eyes closed, quiet room I begin to think back… to the initial meet..the many meals shared together on various tables and chairs – the Baltic sea that welcomed our warm bodies after a hot summers day, leaving us invigorated and refreshed every time – the smell of the home made mint tea – the many stories that were  told while lying in the grass – the many plates of pancakes cooked on different grills; from different batter; stirred by all kinds of hands- the sad goodbye at the air port – the many tears shed on the plane – heart hopeful, that I would return again some day.  I’ll never forget the time I shared with them all – the summer a dream came true – the summer that I look back on with feelings of nostalgia – love – and freedom.

I felt alive.

Today the doorbell rang with a package addressed to me. My dad passed it to me with wide and excited eyes pointing at the return address – to my surprise also, I read it to be from family in Estonia!

Taking a pair of scissors I gently cut along the edge of the orange envelope. Inside the envelope was a black crafty box with a white envelope on top. Inside the white envelope  was the prettiest card, with words of love and well wishes for my 25th birthday. Inside the box was a gorgeous handcrafted pair of earrings, a necklace and bracelet.

My birthday hasn’t come yet – but is just around the corner- there were written hopes that the package would arrive just before , so that I would be able to wear the jewelery on my special day (<3!). So nice..

This was the perfect Friday afternoon surprise – I couldn’t stop smiling for the remainder of the day – my heart is still warm. It wasn’t so much the  gift, though it is beautiful and I will be honored to wear it all – but what warms my heart the most is how they so thoughtfully connected with me.

Receiving this package brings me back in time… feeling more alive as I feel the contents in my hands, and read the words that were written. In this package came a burst of life – all taped up, stamped and addressed to meand I am oh-so grateful.

A surprise birthday package!