Crazy Cat Lady – That I Am Not.

A lot of my friends and family think that I’ll grow into some crazy cat lady -I admit, growing up I’ve always had a soft spot for cats – but who doesn’t think they’re cute lil balls of fluff??   Truth is, my ideal life does not involve cats hanging off every chair, curled up in every nook or waiting by every door. Actually, I’d be completely fine with having no cat at all! But, reality is, I do have one.. and to her my heart belongs.

I suppose my current obsession over my girl can easily be mistaken for an intense obsession for all cats – but, this is not the case.  This special kitty in particular has captured my heart.  She – like a puppeteer, tugs at my heart strings throwing me into a drunken dance of bliss every time she merely casts her eyes on me.   She teaches me so much  – and is a constant reminder to slow down- take it easy –  be present – and content with life as it is ..right now. She is my zen master! I love how she so lovingly massages the spot she will soon rest in – how her eyes slowly close with comfort whenever I speak to her – how she is not capable of holding a grudge – how she looks to me for warmth in the night, and above her meows sometimes turn into a yawn… get’s me every adorable! . She is not only gorgeous as you can see – but she has a heart of gold  – she is super, super loving.

Here I become even crazier, and present you with her stats. *giggles

– Kitty –

Full Name: Audrey – When I adopted her she came with a blanket a brush and a name.  At first I wasn’t sure about it – but seeing as she has grown to be such a regal lady, her name totally suites her.

Nickname: “Kitty” or “Kit”  – sooooo original 😛

Age: 3

Place of origin: York Region Humane Society


  • tuna – She was once a tuna addict. I found it becoming a very unhealthy habit for her. She stopped being her usual self (i’m being serious, giggle) -solely living for tuna..never wanting to play – she honestly seemed stressed out – always wondering when her next fix would be – waiting by the door – by her bowl – I’d be tripping over her everywhere I’d go and she’d be screaming and crying for it.  So… I decided to heck with the Tuna! So, she’s been Tuna-Can-Clean for almost a week now and she has totally gone back to her normal self!
  • felt mice – now, they are specific types she likes – need to be felt, with a little shaky things inside – possibly even a certain colour – she’s picky , but when she finds one she likes she goes nuts. Her favorite game is fetch. She’ll jump up in bed with a ‘mousie’ – I throw, she flies off to retrieve it – and is back in a flash with the ‘mousie’ by my hand. So cute.
  • my lap – such a loving girl, always wanting to be near, feeling the warmth of a body next to her. She loves lying on my knees on her back. I wake up every morning to her passed out on my back , legs or chest. The first movement I make she starts meowing and getting closer. What a cutie.
  • salad – she’s been cut off of tuna feedings because of the unhealthy addiction –   She’s since moved onto salad – her obsession is a lot less intense – she’ll just nibble a few pieces when I’m having lunch – an addiction I wouldn’t call it. She’s a recovering addict, and I think Tuna has her heart forever.
  • bird watching – she has a part-time job I call it – in the basement at the sliding  door – she will sit in front for hours watching the birds hop from branch-to-branch, seeing only her little silhouette behind the curtain .. taking her lunch and pee breaks when needed – whenever she’s at the door and someone asks where she is, the answer is ” working” – then we’ll get silly and say ” what! I thought she had today off… ” – See.. Crazy!! lol
  • butter from the kitchen counter – when she’s bored she’ll hop up on the counter to have a little snack – there is actually a groove from her tongue – most would find this gross – but I find it easy to handle ‘gross’ 


  • the vacuum cleaner – She just loves life too much..she doesn’t want to be sucked up into the black unknown!
  • my perfume– *yuck*she doesn’t want to smell like anything but her own beautiful self. The flaring nostrils, eyes tightly closed…then BOLT! she’s gone!
  • my cellphone (less attention for her)- ever since she was a baby she always was startled by the vibrations and songs of any cell phone – over the years she hasn’t gotten used to them and has actually grown to dislike my own cellphone more and more –  when I’m clicking away, she’ll come and rub her head under my hands.. me, me, me! 
  • unexpected guests – if the doorbell rings, she growls, perks up and becomes very still – yes..she growls! Like a little pup. My little cat guard….
  • tin foil – Ripping off or rearranging a piece of tin foil is  garbage for her ears – she is gone just as quick if not faster than when the vacuum starts up.

Mama and Kitty

We should all look at our animals as furry, four legged silent teachers – Because It’s in the silence that light is seen…It’s in the silence that lifts us up…it’s in the silence that somehow..everything makes sense.