You Are Loved..

My heart aches for you.
I wish you to be happy, Fearless, Courageous and Bold.

My heart aches and I begin to worry about your future…
Whether you’ll feel more down than up…
More empty than full.

My heart aches and I wish to take away your pain.
I carry so much in my heart. Too much.
Sometimes I think I am too sensitive… but I quickly give my head a shake.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best for someone and carrying a heart heavy with love.

My heart aches and I wish I could take your place.
I pray ..I pray hard.
I want you to be happy. I want you to be fearless.
I want you to be free…

My heart aches – but I will soothe it once again.
There’s something about the night that stirs up emotion.
Leaving one in a frenzy.. in search of a plug. 
The unpredictable winds of emotion will lay to rest until another starry night.

Until then I will hold you close to my heart – smile at you when I can.
You are special. You are smart. You are worthy.