Family,Delicious Food & Laughter

Tonight I celebrated Easter with my father’s side of the family. Quality time was spent with lots of laughter, delicious food and even a little egg hunt!

My relatives in Estonia are frequently in contact with my g-ma, Linda – So I decided to take a photo with her wearing the jewels they sent – In their thank you letter I will enclose this picture – G-ma also wants a copy.

After I reviewed the photos with her to get the *thumbs up* to ship out- she was so curious as to how I would get the picture in hand from the camera.  “but how does this happen?” she asked. Technology has always confused her, but in a very interested way. She’s very curious, always wanting to learn or even better, experience something new.

It’s hard to believe my generation is so engrossed in technology, having it almost come as second nature. From a very young age we’ve been presented with buttons to push, cords to plug  and batteries to pull.  It’s safe to say it’s understandably, almost like a security blanket.

My g-ma has such an open mind when it comes to modern living – although still learning, she has her own lap top at her retirement residence – She’s the Google queen! One of her famous lines is “ASK GOOGLE!”

I applaud and admire her eagerness to continuously learn about the world around her – I’m sure it’s not easy when it’s moving at lightening speed.

Family, delicious food, smiles and laughter – tonight, this girl is happily satisfied.