I’ve Learned

In 25 years…

I’ve learned thatย  love is the undercurrent of all that is.

I now understand my parent’s nagging worries that I didn’t give a second thought to, were all coming from a place deep within their heart.

I now understand that sometimes love can be lost but is always calling to be found.

I now understand the importance of loving myself.

I now understand love can come from any form of life – need not be romantic or devouring, simply the leaf on a tree, or the chirp of a bird.

I now understand how important is it to remind the ones around that they are loved.

I now understand the power of love.

I now understand that above all, love is always the answer. Really, and truly.

I’ve learned that my confiding notion that I would live forever is indeed not the way it all works.

I now understand that life is a gift, and it can be taken from me at any moment.

I now understand that my body needs so much love, care and respect.

I now understand that I won’t always have my healthy body – and to use it to it’s full advantage.

I now understand the importance of time and how precious it really is.

I now understand that there will be no better time than NOW.

I now understand that to seize the moment is to wrap life around your finger ever so tightly making use of every inch.

I now understand the power of forgiveness and how truly important it is to put the past behind.