Living is Learning

I sit here in bed with my coffee – extra delicious for the occasion. Although just another day, I wanted to really think about this one, seeing how it’s my 25th. I wanted to think about my life so-far – the lessons accumulated under my belt, and the wonderful moments and people that allow me to sit here this morning with a smile on my face. Today I feel grateful.

Something I’ve definitely learned in my 25 years is acceptance. Accepting that people come as they are – myself included – with a package full of personality, hopes, dreams, accomplishments, fears, traits – it’s the sum of thousands that makes someone who they are – not one thing deserves to be criticized, put down or judged – because it’s though these trials we see as possible negative aspects,  that we bloom into the people we want most to be.

I feel the older I get the more accepting I am of myself and the world around me –  and thinking of this makes me proud.

I used to think I could change myself, change my neighbor, change the world.

In these 25 years, I’ve learned that before something is changed, an understanding must be made – an acceptance of what simply is without struggling to understand why  – accepting that the people and world around us may not be just as we wish it to be – but we must be ok with that – without anxiety to change it.  Without acceptance change happens for the wrong reasons.

Today I accept the part of me that I am beginning to love. The part of me I was so ashamed of, hiding it from witness.

There’s nothing in the past 25 years I would change.

I look forward to the future!

I plan to dance more, say no LESS, and live as care free as possible!

Now, bring on the cake and wine!!!!!! 😀