The Road


A road without signs or direction led me once to a beautiful field where I sat and listened to my cassette player, tapping my feet- a free body and soul swaying to the beat… in the wind… in this field down the road.

A road leading me to a forest where adventure would set in – cold damp air around me – twigs flying, mud splattering , the sound of squishy earth beneath my tires – adrenaline pumping… tires spinning…in this forest down the road.

A road so forbidden, like the loud bold lock on a shed door – traveled down to be in the arms of a lover – to feel the warmth of a body, to be touched, to be free –  in love… in these arms… down the road.

A road so well known, every curve and bump anticipated – early dewy mornings – defiantly late nights – always to spend just 1 more hour with my best friend at her house – talking, giggling – cutting, pasting – planning, hiding – anything and everything – together… in this house…down the road.



 Roads today mostly lead us to work, appointments, big box stores and highways..But more importantly they are metaphors for the limitless options we have in life. A road is a journey – no right or wrong way to head – just a free space to carve a path – ingrain your own signature. It’s when roads cross and the lights are flashing big and red, that we are brought to clear out bags, re pack, change clothing, maybe find a new form of transportation, and head for a new direction……

Some roads may seem more inviting than others – ‘an easier route’ perhaps…as humans, if we can,  we tend to naturally gravitate to the  easiest, most beautiful roads- ignoring the un kept, windy, confused and cloudy ones. However, it’s sometimes through these un kept roads and unclear skies, that we learn the most about ourselves.  Along the windy roads and jagged grounds, we gain wisdom; we gain confidence…confidence in ourselves, and in the universe, we grow, mature , we ripen.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘anything worth having doesn’t come easy.’  I believe this to be true.

Ignore the illusion your mind is projecting and pick a road without a doubt !   Face the storm head on, or embrace the beauty without attachment –  Turn around if you have to – don’t be afraid do it over ,over,over,over and over again.

Roads – paved or not, cloudy and unclear , or sunny and bright – it’s impossible to see the end…. Just remember that forever, clouds will clear and flowers will die.

So! Pick a road, any road!  


When making that decisions you can  think back to your childhood. Think about the roads you literally used to travel down, and what they led to.  You will find that however bumpy, unknown or forbidden  they almost always led to love…. love of yourself and love for others.  When you choose a road based on love, you’ll always be traveling in the direction of happiness.