Living Abroad

Recently I’ve been playing with the idea of living abroad for 1 year.  Actually, I’ve been forever playing with this idea. I think 1 year is the perfect amount of time to fully get a feel for what it’s like living submerged in another country and culture.

My mind has been flooded with countries, cities, towns and islands – my mind being pulled in every direction. I feel like I’m lost at sea with safety pulling me in from all corners of the earth.

If I do decide to go forward with this plan, it will take me a while to pin point my future home land – as I want to do tons of research , and hear from others first hand their own experiences.

If you have a favorite travel destination – or have lived somewhere first hand as a foreigner I would love to hear from you!

If YOU could drop everything in this moment and take off for one full year – where would you go?