Put the Phone Down – Get to Know Yourself!

In such a fast paced world – between the oodles of ‘things to do’ on the average ‘human-bot”s list – keeping up-to-minute tabs on the Facebook world is high on the priority list which is a big contributor to the reason we’re so disconnected from the most important part of life – OUR INNER SELVES.   How could this not be? It’s so darn convenient – our phones might as well be surgically attached to our bodies – as we have them with us wherever we go; in our pockets, clasped in our hands, latched to our hips and  in our purse’s front pockets. So many people refer to these little computers as their life lines and the thought of ever losing it , or misplacing it would be like losing the ability to live – SERIOUSLY?! Even though technology has in some ways been a blessing and connected us in thousands of ways, it’s definitely  disconnected us spiritually – from what matters most – our relationship with ourselves, and others.

It’s hard to believe that the second anyone is  free to just sit, relax, be idle and just breathe -whether that be at a red light, lunch break, on a date, with family  or idle moments between business calls-   we are automatically looking… reaching… SEARCHING for something to keep us occupied. Our phones are the #1 option for instant distraction when we enter those moments of nothingness.  So many complain about being so stressed and having no time for themselves – we hardly realize that we are willingly doing it to ourselves, with total power to stop it.

It’s obvious that we live in a world where knowing your true self, and finding inner peace is not something that is regarded as important.  Our minds are  programmed to be always doing something! anything – and it’s also becoming obvious that the feeling of idleness and sitting with one’s self is sadly an uncomfortable feeling for most. This grabbing for the phone to check status’  ,update status’ and mindlessly just scroll for the sake of  scrolling – is simply a distraction.  Every time we reach for that phone, we are avoiding spending precious time with others, and more importantly time with ourselves.  Why have we become so uncomfortable with being alone and just sitting with ourselves   or with others?

We do have the power to change our ways of thinking and shift our focus – and even though it may seem impossible in today’s world to sit and do NOTHING –  it’s far from impossible – all that’s needed is  a conscious awareness , a willingness to reconnect with our deeper self, and silence of all external and internal ‘noise’ – and a phone that is locked away in the trunk!

When we notice ourselves free of expectation and duty – this is a wonderful blessing to take total advantage of!! It’s not to be sabotaged by status updates, text messages or mindless surfing.  It’s an opportunity to rightfully nourish ourselves, mind, body and soul. An opportunity to redirect our focus inwards – because sitting with a calm mind and body – in a meditative state is the best ‘activity’ you can do in those moments you are yearning to reach for that phone.  Sitting with yourself will enable you to  know yourself more fully – you will be welcoming and allowing your innate creativity to flow through you – you will be letting yourself relax – your heart beat to return to it’s natural state of rhythm, your mind a break from the constant storm of thought  resulting in mental clarity and a feeling of ease and peace.

Here is an article briefly describing the benefits of silence  and instruction for a 5 minute meditation.


Next time you have a moment – don’t reach for your phone – chances are  there will be nothing worth viewing in the world of social networking – it’s usually just a bunch of **** !