Inspiring Blog Award

ImageThank-you, Thank-you, THANK-YOU Neeraj Kumar ,

for nominating me for the inspiring blog award! I appreciate your kindness and happy my blog has been an inspiration to you on your own blogging journey! I’m glad to have connected with another wonderful writer.

These awards have become a good reason to do my blogging homework – perfect for my early morning coffee and couch sessions, so here we go! 😀




7 Facts about me:

1.Mornings are my favourite time of day.

2.Sometimes you’ll find me with my finger dipped in the steak spice jar.. something about those little chunky spices that I can’t get enough of.

3. I believe laughter is the best medicine.

4.I love working with  my hands – putting anything together, painting, re arranging.

5. Haven’t figured out a career path, as I’m struggling to find something I’ll enjoy – but I’m totally at ease with this – my #1 job is the most important – self development.

6. One of my friends and I have a Christmas in July party! Yes, we love Christmas!

7.I love learning new things – Recently I read about the Deep, DEEP! sea and I was utterly speechless..stunned with amazement!

Blogs that Inspire me..

Blogs that I look to follow are ones that do just that.. inspire. These blogs pick me up on when I’m having a ‘blah’ kind of day – or leave me with a huge grin or new perceptive, and more importantly a fire underneath !

atranquilplace -words of inspiration and comfort I fully enjoy.

PhD Nomad: Random Ramblings of a Soul Searching Traveler – There’s not much I love more than hearing about other people’s experience with travel.