Changes – An East Coast Journey

Shame on I for neglecting my WordPress Blog! It’s one of those things that’s often in the back of my mind…whenever I learn something new, or experience some new kind of beauty I always think ‘I should Blog about this!’ ! So, definitely not forgotten, just in need of a fresh update! My Blog is like my journal with infinite pages, never lost, never stolen and forever virtually tucked away in my own little nook on the cyber space shelf.

My life has changed in so many ways since my last post – These posts aren’t deeply personal inΒ  nature therefore I’ll save you the ooy-gooy ‘deets’ – but let’s just say Life can take you on quite an energizing journey if only you keep believing and investing your trust in the stock of the ‘unknown’ – Risky , yup, absolutely! But with no great risk comes zero incredible reward…. My Life has taken quite the turn for the better and I’m happier than I’ve been in a very long time. Let’s just say the seeds I’ve planted in the past are now in the stages of immense growth – finally…patience Rachel…patience!

Without going into too much detail …

A m e n !

I landed a job up North by my cottage bar tending which I will start soon.

Met an amazing guy……. !!!

Drove out to the East Coast of Canada!

Trust in the journey that lies ahead…you will be amazed!