How to Get Over Fear

Fear. A small four letter word that carries with it such enormous undertow, such great power capable of crippling even the strongest of characters.

Although fear is a practical response to dangerous situations, it can be problematic when that fear is exaggerated beyond what is seen as real, and when the fear is unrealistic.

If you let it, fear will run your life. This little devil will tell you what to eat, where to eat, who to eat with, where to work, what to wear, what to say, what to do, where to shop, what to buy, it can even control when you go to the toilet! It can literally control your every move..and this is extremely problematic and frustrating for people who are dealing with this nasty monster.
Here are a few tips on how to slay this nasty beast….


#1 Be your own therapist – ask yourself the hard questions – get down to the bottom of what you are afraid of exactly, and then tackle the why.  If you don’t have insurance, professional help can be quite an expensive pay over – don’t forget that nobody knows yourself more than you do – you could really benefit from some in depth deep insightful thinking  sessions – and don’t forget about your friends! A good friend would hop up on any couch and be there to listen wholeheartedly.

#2 Start a feelings/thoughts chart – keep track of how you’re feeling daily – jot down any negative thought pattern or fearful moments experienced within that day. Next to each one, list whether it is a realistic thought or feeling, or unrealistic. Keeping track of this makes it easy to look back and notice any patterns.  Keeping a feelings/thought chart can also be cathartic and act like a journal – allowing that flow of energy to run through and out of you can feel great – almost like talking it out with a friend!

#3 Fake it til you make it!  Pretend you are fearless! Repeat positive affirmations in your mind and our loud. Hang “I am not afraid” in you mirror, in your wallet, on your car dash. See it, speak it, think it..and you will surely BE IT.

#4 Accept. Try to learn how to accept yourself the way you are. Accept that whatever hardship that has been placed within your life has been placed here for a reason, and understand that everybody’s journey is difficult.

#5 FACE IT!!!! No greater medicine than to face that beast head on. Sweat it out, shake about, cry and scream – through the pain and suffering you allow yourself to slowly heal…the most important thing to remember with this one is to not give up! It’s easy to face your fear only to run away to the town of avoidance for…the rest of your life if you had the choice! but remember it takes countless repeats in order to slay that beast…don’t give up and believe in yourself!! You CAN do this.