Prince Edward Island – Here I Come!!

“Changes – An East Coast Journey” – has turned into East Coast Residency!

Since our trip out to Prince Edward Island last summer, we haven’t been able to stop loving it.. We talk about it, look at photos, and dream about what it would be like to live there. Through curiosity, we started browsing homes online…and found out that the real estate there is super cheap compared to homes here in Ontario. We half-seriously picked a few that stood out – and during Jason’s trip out there for again for training, he went to see some of them. Through many conversations over the phone , he gave me  his impressions and thoughts of them in real life… and over the span of about a week we decided that this was the home we would start out life in together.

With an open concept bright living area, couple ponds on property, forest all around, a Yoga Room, and a 5 minute walk to the beach – we couldn’t help but feel this was the one.

This is the home thats walls will lovingly surround us through the ups and downs – the floors that will hold our weight when we dance and the windows that will encourage us to follow our dreams!


On April 5th, we will be packing our cars with all our belongings and heading out to start a new life together… May the universe be with us answering all our prayers! 🙂

Our First Home121106_055the soon to be Yoga Room! 121106_054 IMG_0457 IMG_0479