Fall Forward

Life here on Prince Edward Island could not be any better.  We are coming up to the two year mark and it’s finally feeling like home. It took a good year and a bit for the excitement of it all to wear off and for us to finally feel like this is real Life.

The beaches are always available, the traffic is non-existent and the headliner news is always menial happenings like Sarah Coffin lost her key chain around the mall court *little toy dog hanging* with jewel tone – please call *** *** *** (as if giving someone’s phone number over the radio is something you would hear of back in Ontario Pfft!).  There were a lot of raised eyebrows and scoffing before winter hit – all our new friends didn’t think we would “Survive a PEI WINTER” but between being bundled in our house coats, having our hands wrapped around hot mugs of tea and our little space heaters, we survived titling this past winter as “The most fun we’ve had ..EVER!”  Aside from a few pretty nasty snow storms, we enjoyed it to the fullest. From cross country skiing to ice berg hopping on the beach (that was Jason, NOT me!), we had a blast! Personally I love winter for it’s crisp air and how wonderfully it presents itself – softly falling snow on a dimly lit winter’s night – peaceful and quiet –  there are only a few things in life that make my soul dance and my heart burst with complete bona fide joy – and Winter is one of them.  We are coming up to our 2nd winter now – as I look out the window to see that the leaves are beginning to change.  May it be as blessed as the last!

Jason and I have been continuing to get to know each other and build our relationship. We are two people who believe in the power of effective communication and because we share this view we are able grow stronger and stronger each day.  We both enjoy the outdoors, being creative, thinking outside the box, eating healthy, trying new things, letting our silly side show, planning for our future AND SO much more. He is a good balance of day dreams and reality – where I am more erratic with my thinking and doing, it’s good to have him to keep me grounded 🙂 He believes that no idea is ‘stupid’ which is WHY I love him so much. My life partner NEEDS to be adventurous and wiling to step outside the box, do things that are not deemed as ‘normal’ – pick up and move to Europe just because we think it would be cool- live in a tiny home – gather our things and head out on a road trip for the night last minute – Seeing how we both moved out here together proves this.  together, WE ROCK! ❤

On the family front, my Dad had a terrible accident while he was on vacation in Florida. He was swimming in the ocean when a wave took him under – his head hitting the bottom , breaking vertebrae down his neck.  The doctors can’t believe he is alive with all his mobility, mental capacity and strength – It has been a slow healing process, but he is now well on his way to feeling a lot better.  Whenever I think about how close he came to death I slap that though straight out of my head – I do not want to think about it because he is alive and well and that is all that matters. Life without my Dad is unimaginable so I cannot entertain any of those thoughts.  He DEFINITELY had an angel with him that day 🙂 ❤

My Mom Rocks! She has so much love in her heart. She is always thinking of ways to improve her life and situation. She is a strong woman with lots of plans for her future. She is capable of anything – and she is beginning to realise this. I am so excited to see her succeed and reach her goals.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Miss Mia, my niece, is doing just fine. She is honestly the cutest little girl. She is so sweet – the kind of girl you just want to pick up and squeeze and never let go! I miss her all the time and wish I could be there to see her grow up.  The time I get to spend with her at home is priceless. She calls me Auntie “sheewee” It’s the cutest thing – but I bet next time I see her she will be saying my name loud and proud 😀

Kristin  Rocks! She is planning her next life move – she is so smart and is one to never give up on her dreams. She is one of the most generous people I know – and she’s always been this way, ever since she was a little babe.  She came to visit this past summer -we had so much fun just hanging out, walking the beaches , eating fish at chips and drinking beer. GOOD TIMES!

Ashley rocks! Her patience and loving nature makes her such an amazing mother. She has this curiosity that is always making her wonder which is something she will always share with Mia. She will learn lots from her Mom’s curiosity and eagerness to learn. She didn’t make it out here this summer, but I hope she comes to visit soon. She has started her home daycare in her home. She will be extra busy with more little bodies running around, but it’s something that she will enjoy doing and will bring her joy.

Bro…a touchy family member to type of. Merely missing him is a huge understatement because my heart aches for him.  When I think back to the days we got to spend together…back in our Hollander home,  in my Dad’s house on Doane, to Persechini,  driving around with him, sitting on his floor talking, going on boat rides together at the cottage, fishing together. I can’t express my love for him without bringing myself to tears – I tell him all the time that he is the best, and I will continue to tell him that forever because he is.  We share so much in common and simply spending time with him brings me so much joy. The hardest part about being here is not being able to see him. It certainly doesn’t help that he is a teen now and is distancing himself a bit. I know he will come back to me.. I just need to be patient.