The Sunshine Award

I am happy to be typing that I’ve been nominated for the sunshine award by: littlemissobsessivesanatomy Thank you kindly!! If you haven’t already – check out her blog – she’s a great writer… Continue reading

Living Abroad

Recently I’ve been playing with the idea of living abroad for 1 year.  Actually, I’ve been forever playing with this idea. I think 1 year is the perfect amount of time to fully… Continue reading

Little Golden Pockets

Little Golden Pockets Mornings are like little golden pockets Lined beautifully with jewels of light and divine scented earth In this pocket I feel alive ,I feel like an ocean limitless unbounded and … Continue reading

The Road

Roads  A road without signs or direction led me once to a beautiful field where I sat and listened to my cassette player, tapping my feet- a free body and soul swaying to the beat…… Continue reading

Living is Learning

I sit here in bed with my coffee – extra delicious for the occasion. Although just another day, I wanted to really think about this one, seeing how it’s my 25th. I wanted… Continue reading

I’ve Learned

In 25 years… I’ve learned that  love is the undercurrent of all that is. I now understand my parent’s nagging worries that I didn’t give a second thought to, were all coming from… Continue reading

Family,Delicious Food & Laughter

Tonight I celebrated Easter with my father’s side of the family. Quality time was spent with lots of laughter, delicious food and even a little egg hunt! My relatives in Estonia are frequently… Continue reading

You Are Loved..

My heart aches for you. I wish you to be happy, Fearless, Courageous and Bold. My heart aches and I begin to worry about your future… Whether you’ll feel more down than up… More empty than full.… Continue reading

Acquire Wisdom and Live With Passion

#1 Stop Procrastinating– whether it’s a project for school, report for work, re-organizing the kid’s bedroom, taking that trip, starting that home reno, or getting the pooch to the salon – Sometimes “tomorrow… Continue reading

Crazy Cat Lady – That I Am Not.

A lot of my friends and family think that I’ll grow into some crazy cat lady -I admit, growing up I’ve always had a soft spot for cats – but who doesn’t think they’re cute… Continue reading

Kitty & Cupcakes

I Trust

I trust that in this moment, I am where I am meant to be. I trust that I will have a meaningful and happy life. I trust my instincts, however scary or familiar… Continue reading

An Afternoon Surprise

A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet some relatives in Estonia. I always had this dream of traveling  to my grandparent’s home country, so it was a dream come true … Continue reading

Kitty Deserves to Eat Well Too!

Recently I read that dog and cat foods contain ingredients that you wouldn’t believe! ‘Meat Meal’ so vague, so mysterious, so gut wrenching. Road kill? euthanized cats and pets? Garbage? Literally , all… Continue reading

I am Rainbow-Bitten

Last night I got Rainbow-Bit. There’s something about this tender heavenly treat that I just cannot get enough of. Actually, treat I wouldn’t call it . Treats are cold watermelon slices on a… Continue reading

4 Steps Closer to Your True Self

1. Take a few minutes to let loose! Sing at the top of your lungs!  Scream out your frustrations! Cry out our sorrows! Do this will all your might – Whatever your emotion… Continue reading


Estonia 2010 A hidden gem that most people I know and meet don’t know much about. I spent many days strolling aimlessly with no destination in mind – just walking, taking in the… Continue reading


Fragola! Positano,Italy

Wishing I was able to set you free….

Wishing I was able to set you free… I pray every night that one day things will be different – that eventually i’ll be able to let you rest. You need rest. Your eyes need… Continue reading

I have this neighbour..

  I have this neighbour – he lives in the basement of the house next door -single – bleached blonde hair, long enough to give him that wild look, but not long enough… Continue reading

A Beautiful Soul Takes Flight

       The day I met you – I stumbled in the door dropped my bag and timidly approached you – You were a mess of grey shades, your face with white smudges.  … Continue reading

Station B

Within the four walls of my room I feel supremely at ease. As I watch out the back door – birds – playfully jumping from branch-to-branch – Audrey hangs by the door hypnotized… Continue reading

With Love, Little Me

This is a story to my mom from little me that I wrote for her a few months ago – I wanted to remind her that her love was felt back then –… Continue reading

Allow Me to Embrace My Keyboard….*swiftly folds hands together – cracks knuckles*

So, I decided since my last blog was a temporary experiment, that I’d start up a new spot in cyber-space for my thoughts to be released upon…So many times I`ve craved an outlet… Continue reading